Are You Five Star Dentist?

If you had to take a wild guess, how strong do you think that your online reputation is right now and could it be stronger? Could your online reputation be holding you back from getting new patients or even retaining your existing patients? Mostly likely, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Data Shows An Alarming Trend

Here’s a statistic that we want you to remember; over 88% of all consumers trust online reviews as much as they do recommendations from friends and family. People consider reviewers “friends” so online reviews is the new personal recommendation. So almost 9 out of 10 locals would call the “five star” dentist first, even though he’s at the bottom of the page. Data shows new patients want a reputable doctor or a doctor with a “5 Star” online reputation.

How Important is Your Online Reputation? Its EVERYTHING

In the digital age, consumers now do almost everything online…and that includes expressing their opinions on social media and reviews sites (like Yelp, Google, etc.). Search engines have certainly noticed this trend as well, and they use these review sites to generate local search results to help consumers find great businesses quickly. For example, take a look at the screenshot, which was a smartphone search.
Looking at the search result, which dentist would you choose? The answer should be easy. Clearly the doctors with more reviews, and higher ratings, stick out above and beyond the dentists with a) poor ratings or worse yet b) few ratings. Good ratings build tremendous amounts of trust with your potential new patients AND search engines.

But I already use demand force:

No. Using only demandforce for reviews is not even close to enough. Where do people look? Statistics show they look on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. You need to have a very strong presence on those 3 platforms plus many more to really build a stellar rating.

No Reputation Online Is Considered a “Bad” Reputation

Want to hear something even crazier though? There are actually hundreds, if not thousands of doctors in the above search who COULD be showing up for searches, but aren’t. Why? One reason could possibly be a lack of trust from search engines and from new patients. Both patients and algorithms need to trust your practice and trust your website. With no reviews, there is a complete lack of trust. The fact is, one bad review can cost you $100K+ each year.
But the flipside is also true. A fantastic, compelling online reputation can the same amount to your bottom line.

How Does SkyStone Use Reputation Marketing?

First, we try to stop any negative reviews before they hit the internet. Our proprietary reputation marketing system blocks unwanted reviews and reroutes them for further action. In addition our software allows us to search digital platforms for both positive and negative reviews and allows us to take the appropriate action.