If you’re like most of the other dentists out there, then you don’t want to see a bunch of statistics or fancy spreadsheets about your business – you just want to phone to ring more often and more patients in your chairs. We totally get it.


Right Now, there is a good chance you are wasting precious marketing dollars.

Do you know which marketing dollars are working for you? Most dentists don’t, and it’s not your fault. Very few marketing companies actually track and report the results of online, print and face-to-face efforts to practices. Why? You can be the judge, but we think it might be because there are no results to report.

Our Secret Weapon: 360 Degree Tracking New Patient Growth Online

There’s only one real way to make your online marketing drive the maximum amount of new patients, and that is to track each and all aspects of it. Both you and us need to know exactly how many new patients came from which marketing platform they came from, and what services they were interested. If we don’t know where the patients came from then we can’t tweak the marketing campaigns to make them more effective.

See PROOF Every Month That Your Marketing Is Working

On the other hand, you have to understand something about us – we are committed and fanatical about measuring everything with data. So at any given time, we will be able to tell you how many visits you’ve had, where those potential clients came from and what we can do moving forward to get even better results. Because just like everything else in life, great marketing is a process that can continually be honed to absolute perfection…if you know how to properly monitor the results.


You Need Tailored Reporting, Not Generic Unreadable PDF’s

Here’s another reason we keep such a close eye on your performance metrics- you deserve to know exactly what we are doing to make your marketing succeed. That’s why our state of the art tracking software keeps up with every aspect of the customer acquisition process. We then take all of those complex metrics and translate them into simple, easy to understand reports that explain how we are helping you find new clients.

Here are the most important parts of your marketing campaigns. Which ones are you tracking?
  • New patient phone calls per month. Per year.
  • What do the new patients say on the phone, what do you say back?
  • What services are these potential new patients asking about?
  • How did potential patients find you? Where did they come from?
  • Which advertising is working best for you? Which advertising is underperforming?
  • How many visitors are coming to your website? Are they new?
  • Where is your website showing up on search engines?
  • How many website visitors actually book appointments?
  • What is the total return on investment for your advertising?
  • How much did you get back in profit versus how much you paid out?